Aytekin Law, founded in 2000, is a law firm based in Istanbul and provides a wide range of legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and individuals thanks to its experienced and expert legal team. 

Since 2000, our office has pursued the requirements of legal profession and adopted fundamental principle to provide any services that our clients need, in transparency, honestly and swiftly.

Having held exemplary cases in the fields of Administrative Law, Tax Law, Real Estate Law and Employment Law, with its leading expert and connoisseur team, Aytekin Law delivered services to many domestic and international companies notably including top-tier construction companies in Turkey. Aytekin Law has expertise in Administrative Law, Tax Law, Real Estate Law and Employment Law in managing and handling legal processes with the support of counsel scholars.

Resolution of Administrative Disputes

Aytekin Law makes applications to the administrative authorities in line with the needs of real and legal person clients and follows clients’ administrative proceedings in the most efficient way.

Tax Consulting

Aytekin Law follows the taxation processes with its experienced lawyer team and pursues lawsuits against erroneous taxations and provides cancellation of the administrative action and/or tax refund.

Supporting Startup Services

Startups at the incubation stage receive professional legal consultancy services at an early stage by taking advantage of the favorable packages offered by Aytekin Law.

Bidirectional Immigration Services

Aytekin Law carries out both the applications of foreign clients to Turkey and Turkish clients to USA and European countries with its expert stakeholders.


Our team, which is based on providing the highest standards in the services it provides, consists of lawyers and administrative personnel trained in reputable universities in Turkey and the world.

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Of Counsel – Competition Law

Practice Areas

Aytekin Hukuk provides comprehensive consultancy services for its domestic and foreign clients operating in various sectors, regarding their legal problems and needs.

Real Estate Law

Aytekin Law provides legal consultancy services in real estate law which bring many legal norms together. Aytekin Law assists its clients from the real estate purcha...

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Personal Data Protection Law

Following closely technological developments, Aytekin Law provides legal consultancy in personal data protection processes needed not only by traditional business ac...

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Commercial and Corporate Law

Aytekin Law provides consultancy services that any corporate company may need throughout its journey including but not limited to establishment of any kind of compan...

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Intellectual Property Law

As Aytekin Law, we advise our clients in building protection strategies for their intellectual properties, also delivers services on any field of intellectual proper...

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Startup Law

90% of startups established worldwide end up in failure, caused by many different factors. For instance, embarking upon a journey without determining target group of...          

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Technology and IT law

Aytekin Law provides preventive legal support so as to maintain data security, while also, in failure to maintain data security, carries out all criminal and legal p...

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Article & Publications

Our articles about our fields of work will give our visitors an idea about the legal processes they experience.



1. Existence of the Primary Employer Employing an Employee in the Workplace The relation between primary employer and sub-employer requires that there be an employer who employs employees in the workplace. For the primary employer to keep its employer status, he should have not transferred the whol

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Firstly, it must be noted that a limited liability company (“LLC”) may terminate by way of dissolution and cancellation methods. Dissolution occurs on its own motion when causes of termination prescribed in law or in Articles of Association (“AoA”), without any prior resoluti

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